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    31 Garden Decorations That'll Make Your Yard Even *More* Beautiful

    Forget about milkshakes, your garden is what's bringing everyone to the yard.

    1. Metal ladybug sculptures to add a bit of color to your garden in basically the cutest way possible.

    Reviewer photo of four lady bugs mounted on a wooden fence in various colors

    2. A hot air balloon lantern because you saw Up once, and this kind of reminds you of the tear-jerking film. When the solar power is charged, it lights up at night and flickers to look like it has a little flame inside.

    A hot air balloon garden sculpture lit up

    3. An LED fairy light that makes it look like you've got a bunch of little fireflies (or fairies!) flying around your magical garden. Bonus: you can hang these *or* stake them to the ground!

    Two fairy light stakes and two hanging fairy light balls

    4. A rustic fountain to add a chic farmhouse vibe, and you just can't beat the sound of trickling water while relaxing in your yard. Alexa, play "Waterfalls."

    A reviewer photo of the fountain with running water

    5. An adorably mossy gnome because no garden is complete without one. Sorry, I don't make the rules. I just enforce them.

    A reviewer photo of the gnome with a mossy hat holding a lit lantern on top of pebbles

    6. A garden trellis so you can give your new ivy a lovely wall to climb and thrive on *plus* hi, added privacy.

    A reviewer photo of a garden trellis with flowers growing on it

    7. A foot bridge to place over a small stream or even just over your walkway to add a bit of ~flair~ to an otherwise plain garden. Before you ask, yes you can walk on it!

    8. Waterproof mason jar lanterns because it's not a millennial's garden unless it's lit with mason jars. You can place these on your fence posts, hang them down your path, or even put them on your favorite tree!

    A reviewer photo of a mason jar hanging off a stake with a bundle of fairy lights inside

    9. A starry night stake so beautiful, you'll think you've captured the moon itself and placed it in your garden.

    10. A flower display cart that'll have you feeling like you've just been transported to a beautiful Parisian home. Comment dites-vous "the perfect garden"?

    A reviewer photo of the black metal flower cart with several potted plants on the tiers

    11. Butterfly stakes to make it look like you get so many beautiful and colorful visitors to your garden every day.

    Eight colorful fake butterflies staked into a potted plant

    12. Or if you prefer a simpler display, a ladder planter with five tiers to plant all the herbs and flowers your heart desires.

    A progress photo of a ladder planter with vegetables growing out of each tier

    13. Solar powered flowers that will add some floral beauty during the day and a magical lily bonanza at night.

    14. A fox statue whose name is literally Simon and that's just the cutest thing to me. He'll add some *pizzazz* to your yard while also possibly being a deterrent to critters who like to steal your vegetables.

    A fox statue with a calm expression placed on a stone ledge

    15. Solar-powered fairy lights so one, you don't have to worry about finding an extension cord just to light up your garden and two, you'll save $$$ not wasting electricity outside! It's a win-win!

    A reviewer photo of the fairy lights falling down from a watering can onto solar powered flowers

    16. A birdbath that is honestly giving me all The Secret Garden vibes. Watching your local birds bathing will be your new favorite pastime, and I think this is a sign we're officially all adults.

    17. A metal side table you can use as an accent table for plants or as a spot for your morning coffee while you read your favorite book amongst the foliage. Ahh, the height of luxury.

    Reviewer photo of the metal side table in white next to a blue chair

    18. A pumpkin hanger, because it's never *too* early to start decorating for fall, trust me. I mean, you could definitely put any plant here, but I highly recommend pumpkins. Totally not biased.

    Two macrame hangers with orange pumpkins on each hanging from a tree

    19. Pet paw lights to add an adorable lit path that looks like your fur baby walked through it. The best part? It changes to 16 different colors and has four different modes to choose from!

    Four small lit-up paw lights on grass

    20. A cool hammock chair that I can almost guarantee you'll be fighting your housemates for who gets the next shift on it basically all season long.

    Reviewer photo of a white hammock chair hung from a tree branch

    21. A glowing lantern so you can live out your dreams of being Rapunzel on her birthday, but like, every day. 🎵 And at laaaast I see the liiight 🎵

    Portable rectangular lanterns with handles scattered around a patio

    22. A ladybug stepping stones kit so you can have a rainy day paint session with your little ones. They'll be so proud to see their work of art in your garden and I'm already sobbing about it.

    A red and black painted ladybug stepping stone

    23. A hanging bracket that you can hang all your plants and flowers on, even if they're totally fake. I won't tell anyone.

    Reviewer photo of the black metal bracket holding a hummingbird feeder

    24. A farmhouse-style outdoor clock to (duh) tell the time but to *also* tell the temperature outside. Joanna Gaines would be so proud.

    A green outdoor clock next to a gnome wall decor against a brick wall

    25. A miniature frog reading a book that may be super tiny, but when spotted will add a lovely touch of magic to your garden.

    A tiny frog sitting on a succulent reading a book

    26. A decorative watering can to water your plants while pretending you live in a cottage in the middle of the woods with no adult responsibilities. Oh wait, that's my dream.

    A metal watering can with copper accents sitting on a ledge

    27. Curtain lights to create the perfect backdrop to your garden. Picture this: a wall of twinkly lights behind your new hammock chair and side table. Perfection.

    Curtain string lights hanging from a tree

    28. Fake grass pads because sometimes you can't have a totally natural garden and that's okay! The blades come in four different tones of green, giving it a very realistic look. Astroturf who?

    Reviewer photo of fake grass in their garden

    29. A vintage-style lantern that'll create the coolest pathway in the entire neighborhood. No really, there will be no contest. You win.

    Six lanterns lighting up a pathway with stunning cut out designs

    30. Outdoor planters to repot those plants you've kept in their original pot for waay too long. It's time to stretch those little roots!

    A plastic outdoor planter made to look like cement with plants inside it

    31. And finally, an Adirondack chair to sit back, relax, and enjoy your new beautiful garden.

    A wine glass with two Adirondack chairs in the background

    Your guests when they see your new garden: