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10 Bollywood Films That Are Based On Some F*cked Up Shit If You Think About It

Kuch kuch bizarre hota hai.

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2. Devdas

Imaan Sheikh / BuzzFeed / SLB Films

Manipulative Britain-return is emotionally and physically abusive. Has girlfriend in India. Refuses to logically confront own family when they object their marriage. Turns into raging alcoholic freeloader living at local brothel, only ever leaving to occasionally assault now married girlfriend.

3. Kuch Kuch Hota Hai

Dharma Productions

Man marries college sweetheart, never attempts to reconnect with tomboy best friend who has always been there for him. Wife dies in childbirth, leaving infant daughter with the ever-so-slightly overwhelming responsibility of finding aforementioned best friend for widower dad.

Man finally finds formerly friendzoned girl, falls in love with her because along with having become prettier, she has changed as a person about 120%. Ruins her engagement, marries her.


4. Jai Ho

Eros International / Via Imaan Sheikh

Destructive, aggressive philanthropist, who gets called out by family for having anger management issues, takes law into own hands — rather creates own set of laws. Kills a bunch of people during mission to kill corrupt higher-ups. Is, however, let off scot-free by the government, and accepted by society with open arms for coming up with unoriginal plan about paying it forward.

5. Koi Mil Gaya

Film Kraft

Girl misbehaves with kind-hearted guy with slight mental disability, followed by an unbreakable friendship where guy develops crush on girl but is given the cold shoulder until literal alien intervention makes him more able than before.

Guy dances and converses better now, has gained fame world-over for harbouring alien, impressing girl to new heights and resulting in a relationship.

6. King Uncle

Film Kraft / Via

Runaway orphan ends up at child-hating wealthy industrialist's house, who doesn't report it to the police but gives illegal refuge to her, only letting her go when a shady couple claims they're her parents with unbelievably unconvincing evidence. The child gets near-death battered by said couple before being recovered via police intervention. Spare Shah Rukh Khan added for star value.

7. Mr. India

Narsimha Enterprises

Violinist drowning in debt raises a dozen children illegally living with him in a makeshift orphanage with no papers. Finds device that can make him invisible. Gets one child killed. Does not learn a lesson and risks remaining children's lives (along with own girlfriend's) while using them to take down evil General who wants to take over the country, which should be least of violinist's priorities at this point.

8. Dostana

Dharma Productions

Straight men trivialise gender issues by lying about being gay to score an apartment. Then continue to use stereotypical homosexual man tropes to gain a woman's trust and get too close to her.

9. Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam

Bhansali Films / Via

Indecisive woman falls in love with two men. Tells husband she's still in love with her ex and uses him to find miserable ex. Upon finding him, makes him feel unwanted and goes back with husband. A lot of money is spent on impulsive decisions instead of sitting for, like, one hour to do some rational thinking.

10. Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi

Yash Raj Films

Girl loses fiancé in car crash, is hurriedly married off to another random guy. Random man toys with wife's feelings by seducing her posing to be another "cooler" man instead of just transforming self.

Wife is distant enough to not even notice, agrees to run away with cool new lover. Some emotional blackmailing later, husband comes out as his real self. Wife is stunned at most, neither party is offended.