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21 Of The Most Awkward Modi Moments Of 2015

Sometimes his social awkwardness is downright relatable.

1. When Mark Zuckerberg blocked Modi's camera and he was all "Move, bitch, get out the way".

2. When his high-five wasn't entertained with enthusiasm.

Wpa Pool / Getty Images

3. When he was noticeably pissed at not being in on this conversation.

Handout / Getty Images

4. When Angela Merkel missed his hand.

5. When he wasn't ready to let French President Francois Hollande (bae) leave.


6. When he shook two hands that weren't reaching out to him.

Wpa Pool / Getty Images

7. When he kept doing WHATEVER THIS IS to unsuspecting children all year.

8. When he suddenly started channelling Beyoncé during yoga day.

Prakash Singh / AFP / Getty Images

9. When this shade was thrown at his tweets in Russian.


10. When he wore a suit with his own name printed on it thousands of times and it bordered between awkward and swaggerrific.


11. When the Press Information Bureau photoshopped him looking at the Chennai floods.


12. And the internet decided to have a field day with it.




13. When he couldn't contain his enthusiasm upon meeting Obama.

BuzzFeed India / Times Now

14. When he met the Queen and the internet decided to make it as awkward as possible with memes.

BuzzFeed India

15. When he suddenly realised the crowd at Wembley Stadium loved him and got too damn excited.

Dan Kitwood / Getty

16. When his pronunciation made everyone gasp for a minute there.

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17. When this little book stole the handshake he deserved.


18. When he superbly tweeted out this super tweet.

19. The entire trip to this heritage site in China was a giant awkward moment.

Getty / Twitter

20. When this dude straight dusted off his hand after shaking it with Modi.

NDTV / Sahil Rizwan / Via Twitter: @SahilRiz

21. And when this bromance almost lost the 'b'.

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