This Is What The Ice Bucket Challenge Looks Like To People Living With Water Shortages

“People who don’t face this war don’t have any idea about water’s importance.”

1. A lot of people criticized the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge as being a waste of water.

2. New Delhi-based NGO volunteer Siddharth Rajpal uploaded a touching video to his YouTube channel depicting what it looks like to those who don’t have easy access to clean water.

Teen Pathar / Via

3. Rajpal met Shamima, a domestic worker facing shortage of water at home, when she came to the NGO to learn to read and write basic Hindi. This video tells her story.

Teen Pathar / Via

“It is a matter a shame how India’s capital Delhi doesn’t have access to water for everyone and some people in Delhi are wasting in the name of charity,” Rajpal told BuzzFeed over an e-mail.

4. Watch the full video here:

Teen Pathar / Via

5. Donate to The ALS Association here and to’s India program here.

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Imaan Sheikh is a writer for BuzzFeed and is based in Dubai.
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