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    The Pakistani-American Who Got Thrown Out Of A Trump Rally Wants To Run For President

    "We need a president who builds bridges, not walls."

    Meet 22-year-old Pakistani-American student Sayed Saqib Hussain Javed-Radawi.

    On March 4, he attended a Donald Trump rally in Michigan and drew attention for repeatedly flipping his hair and shouting, "Not all Mexicans are rapists, not all Muslims are terrorists."

    Since posting a video of the incident, he's been interviewed by several media outlets, and has gained internet fame.

    "I didn't expect my video to go viral. I am overwhelmed with all the support. A lot of people are referring to me as their hero, which is amazing," he told BuzzFeed.

    Javed told BuzzFeed he hopes to run for president himself. "I hope to become the president of the United States," he said. "The first American-Pakistani Muslim President."

    Robert Lee Bailey / Saqib Javed's Facebook page / Via

    The Wayne State University student is pictured above in an embellished sherwani, being ushered out of the rally.

    "I will win the people with kindness, exposing the lies that Donald Trump has been feeding the people," the aspiring politician told BuzzFeed.

    "My constitutional right of free speech was violated. This is injustice... Trump can say all the bigoted comments he wants against anyone but when someone speaks up against him, they get threatened and are told they will be arrested," he said.

    In a video on his Facebook page, Javed explained why he wore a sherwani to the rally:

    Saqib Javed / Via Facebook: saqib.h.javed

    "I am not just representing Muslims but humanity as a whole... My point is not to take away from the Christians lives lost because every one person's life is of the same value – equally as important," he said.

    Javed has been receiving threats but is focusing on the positive and ignoring the negative for now.

    Saqib Javed / Via Facebook: saqib.h.javed

    "A lot of Trump supporters view ISIS as the main representation of Islam but what they fail to realise is that just because the western media is good at hiding our genocide in the middle east, doesn't mean it doesn't exist. ISIS is beheading more Muslims than Christians. These are the same Muslims we are denying to seek refuge," he told BuzzFeed.

    "My message to the Muslim Americans is that don't fear, change people's views about Muslims through kind actions. My message to the American Trump supporters is that do not let hate divide us. We need a president who builds bridges, not walls," he further said.

    You can watch the full video here.

    Facebook: video.php

    In an AJ+ interview, Javed told Trump, "This is not the last time you see me, because I will be going for presidency and you will see this face again."

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