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    This Cover Of "As Long As You Love Me" By A Group Of Very Special Children Will Melt Your Heart

    Warning: There is beatboxing, adorable singing, and million dollar smiles involved.

    The talented children of Bangalore-based NGO Reaching Hand collaborated with volunteers Jacob Cherian, Davin Lama, and Shaktiraj Jadeja, to work on a beautiful project.

    Reaching Hand / Via

    The covered their favourite song, "As Long As You Love Me" by Justin Bieber.

    Reaching Hand / Via

    There are approximately 50 children dwelling at Reaching Hand and most are abuse rescues or orphans. NGO volunteer Jacob Cherian identified their talents and with a team of performing arts professionals, the project took off.

    This is Kishore

    Reaching Hand / Via

    He joined New Home (a unit of Reaching Hand) when he was in the third standard and is now enjoying his first year of college. Kishore’s mother passed away when he was very young and he has five siblings. His father is a farmer. Poverty led him to New Home with hopes of getting quality education. He is a great poet, singer and footballer. He hopes to be an engineer and football player one day.

    This is Namita.

    Reaching Hand / Via

    Namita’s mother makes a living working as a domestic worker. Namita was brought to New Home five years ago. She does not have a father. Before she came to New Home, she would be locked at home to take care of her sibling while her mother was out working. She has a great desire to study, and today is in the fourth standard and doing well in school. She’s very good at acting and is a very cheerful child.

    This is Mohan

    Reaching Hand / Via

    Mohan is an orphan and lived in the slums with his grandmother. After turbulent early years, he was taken in by New Home along with his younger sister. Although he was 10 when he came, he did not know a word of English. Reaching Hand admitted him to an ICSE School in grade three and with his sheer determination and the help of a compassionate teacher, today he is in grade nine and doing excellently. He is an athlete and likes to dance, act, and play football. Mohan won last year's Individual Championship at school.

    This is Naveen.

    Reaching Hand / Via

    Naveen is in grade seven at the ICSE school. He lost his mother when he was younger and his father passed away a few years later. Since his grandparents were unable to take care of him, he was brought to New Home seven years ago. He loves to sing and play football, while also working hard at school being a class topper and an exceptional student overall. He wants to become a Chartered Accountant.

    Let them brighten your day with their contagious smiles as they make a Justin Bieber song actually very likeable.

    Reaching Hand / Via

    Here is the full music video:

    View this video on YouTube

    You can donate to Reaching Hand here.

    Editor's note: The children's names have been changed to maintain their privacy.

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