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    8 Inventions That Are Supposed To Protect Indian Women From Being Raped

    Orrrr, you know... We could teach people not to rape women?

    1. Samiidha Bhavani, the self-defense stick with a tonne of functions, including a sewing kit.

    2. "Society Harnessing Equipment" (SHE) anti-rape underwear that shocks the wearer's assailant.

    Three Indian students made underwear that electrocutes the wearer's assailant and issues a distress call to the police and family members of the victim.

    3. The Guardian, a distress call issuing jewellery item which doesn't require an internet connection.

    4. "Anti-molestation" jackets that electrocute your attacker upon detecting "unwanted advances".

    5. Safetipin: an app which lets you check if an area you're headed to is safe or not.

    6. Anti-rape jeans and sandals that alert your friends and family, and shock your assailant.

    7. The Amrita Personal Safety System (APSS), an "inconspicuous and fashionable" wearable item to alert your family at the press of a button.

    8. Vith U: A mobile app that lets you send consecutive SOS messages.