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8 Inventions That Are Supposed To Protect Indian Women From Being Raped

Orrrr, you know... We could teach people not to rape women?

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1. Samiidha Bhavani, the self-defense stick with a tonne of functions, including a sewing kit.

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The Samiidha Bhavani is a nine-inch metal rod containing a sewing kit, some buttons, a mirror, a pinch of vermillion, pepper spray, a stun gun, a pen knife, and a rape siren.

3. The Guardian, a distress call issuing jewellery item which doesn't require an internet connection.

Ericsson / Via

The Guardian is a winning project by students of IIT Delhi, at the Ericsson Innovation Awards 2015. The device can be used as a pendant or a bracelet, and can issue a distress call to a friend on the press of a button, among other functions. Unlike other devices of the same kind, this one does not need an internet connection.

4. "Anti-molestation" jackets that electrocute your attacker upon detecting "unwanted advances".

Two students from India’s National Institute of Fashion Technology created jackets that prevent molestation, in 2004. These were designed to emit 110 volts of electricity to the attacker.


5. Safetipin: an app which lets you check if an area you're headed to is safe or not.

Safetipin / Via

The special feature of this app is that it can ''pin'' safe and unsafe areas. It can also let you call emergency numbers and locate nearby hospitals and pharmacies etc. The app claims that it "goes well beyond typical women safety apps".

6. Anti-rape jeans and sandals that alert your friends and family, and shock your assailant.

@india_future / Via Twitter

In 2014, a team of Indian college students came up with anti-rape jeans and sandals, fully equipped with a GPS system to send out a message to family and friends upon activation. The sandals can also shock the attacker.

7. The Amrita Personal Safety System (APSS), an "inconspicuous and fashionable" wearable item to alert your family at the press of a button.

This made-in-India device can send out distress calls on pressing a button. It can alert selected friends on Facebook and provide location information to the police and the victim's family.

8. Vith U: A mobile app that lets you send consecutive SOS messages.

Vith U / Via

Mobile app "Vith U" sends out the message "I am in danger. I need help. Please follow my location" to your selected contacts every two minutes once activated. Bollywood star Kareena Kapoor has also endorsed and promoted this app.