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14 Times Lalit Modi Gave Us Vacation Goals

~The ultimate getaway~

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In 2010, then IPL chief Lalit Modi was found guilty of corruption involving sums as large as Rs. 700 crores and was subsequently removed from the IPL. He fled to the UK to escape Indian law.

This morning, Times Now's Arnab Goswami exposed emails from July, 2014, in which India's External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj helped Modi acquire documentation to travel. Swaraj defended herself saying she did so "on humanitarian grounds," so Modi could be with his wife who was scheduled, that August, to undergo surgery for treatment of cancer in Portugal.

With Swaraj's help (and requests she made of British politicians), Modi received prompt travel clearance and immediately put it to good use. Here's how:

1. Went for a criminally long run in a beautiful new city. 🏃🏃

2. Got on a boat and just fled from stressful work stuff. ⛵️🚢

3. Used his wads of cash to share the experience with family. 💕 💰

4. Planned a getaway with a group of mates. 👯👯

5. Made a stopover at a church to re-purify himself. 🙌🙏

6. Made the most out of a solitary retreat. 😌😌

7. Ate food so delicious, it was sinful. 🍹 🍕

8. Got out of his comfort zone/country. ✌️✌️

9. Made Instagram his 'beach' with beautiful pictures. 😎

10. Posted cheeky pictures, letting his friends know how naughty he was being. 😉 😉

11. Went for a luxurious spa ~retreat~. 💅💆

12. Casually chilled with Paris Hilton. 🙆

13. And Naomi Campbell. 😍👌


Lalalala. Lalalala. L. Mo's worrrrld. ♪ ♫ ♬

FYI: Lalit Modi is still a fugitive under Indian law. #GetawayGoals