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    Modi Met The Queen Of England And Everyone Made The Same Joke

    Some real ~gems~ here.

    1. This small talk.

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    2. This frankness.

    3. This gentle warning.

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    4. This filmy intro.

    Queen: Welcome Modiji Modi: Hi..Abey ye toh Titanic wali hai na!!

    5. This smirk.

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    6. This Rihanna remix.

    7. This casual request.

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    8. This literal bond.

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    9. This word play.

    Modi:- Kohinoor do. Queen:- yha koi noor nhi h. Modi:- 😶 #ModiInUK

    10. This utter fright.

    Wat if queen elizibeth serves beef in lunch for modi?:-) #WembleyCircus

    11. This pop music discussion.

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    12. And its extension.

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    13. This millennial problem.

    Modi: Here's a picture of you from 1961 Queen: Delete it.

    14. This reaction.

    What happened during lunch with Queen Modi: we want Kohinoor Queen: #WembleyCircus

    15. This legit question.

    Queen: "One is concerned..." Modi: "Ya, ya, I know.. about rising intolerance" Queen: "No, about u guys unofficially knighting Sir Jadeja!

    16. This gift.

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    17. And this overheard conversation.

    Confidential : Audio from conversation between Modi-ji and Queen Elizabeth leaked..

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