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    Posted on 14 Oct 2015

    12 "Harry Potter" Quotes That Could Totally Be About Your Desi Life

    "I have gone temporarily deaf and haven't an idea what you said, Harry." - Mom when asked for pocket money.

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    1. When Mad-Eye Moody was obz talking about turmeric stains.

    Warner Bros. / Via BuzzFeed India

    2. When Ginny said something most desi mums say sarcastically.

    Kintop Pictures / Via BuzzFeed India

    3. And Ron summed up society's thoughts on going to art school.

    Being Indian / Via BuzzFeed India

    4. When Dumbledore perfectly phrased this horror.

    Warner Bros. / Via BuzzFeed India

    5. When Malfoy was basically pulling a '90s Bollywood storyline with this.

    United Seven Combines / Via BuzzFeed India

    6. When Lupin sounded like any family elder defending their crazy yesteryear adventures.

    Kintop Pictures / Via BuzzFeed India

    7. When Dumbledore said something straight up uncleji.

    Yash Raj Films / Via BuzzFeed India

    8. When Hermione said (and did) what we've all wanted to when faced with a catcaller.

    Warner Bros. / Via BuzzFeed India

    9. When Dumbledore revealed what's on desis' minds when we pack for trips.

    Pixbay / Via BuzzFeed India

    10. When George channelled street ear-cleaners in one line.

    WildFilmsIndia / Via BuzzFeed India

    11. When Professor McGonagall sounded like any excited dadi at the birth of a grandchild.

    Warner Bros. / Via BuzzFeed India

    12. And when Dumbledore was pretty much your mom any time you ask her for pocket money.

    Warner Bros. / Via BuzzFeed India

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