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    Calling All Skin Care Addicts: The FOREO Luna Mini Is 50% Off Right Now On Amazon Canada

    Time to make your best skin-vestment without emptying your wallet.

    Hello there, friend. Are you really into skin care? Like... Really, really into it.

    Is it a magical and therapeutic experience for you? Is it a SENSORY TREAT to do your nighttime routine? Do you feel like you often know more than the person working in the skin care aisle at the store?

    Then you probably know about FOREO Luna cleansing devices — magical, silicone-bristled, palm-sized thingamajigs that use high-frequency pulsations to dislodge makeup and gunk out of your pores and gently remove dead skin. Which is much kinder to your skin than other, more abrasive methods.

    My fellow BuzzFeed editor Maitland Quitmeyer loves those things, too!

    So if you've hesitated to get one before (because, let's face it — these cleansers cost a pretty penny), today is your lucky day. The FOREO Luna Mini is 50% OFF. Normally, you'd have to shell out $119, but right now it's only $59.50.

    Reviewers of all skin types are completely obsessed with it and say it's helped reduce their acne, fade out scars, even out texture, and generally improved their skin health.

    So get your hands on the FOREO Luna Mini for half the price and enjoy your best SKIN-vestment of 2020.

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