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    28 Products That’ll Get You Date-Ready In A Hurry

    "Uh-oh, they're too good for me." — your date about you, probably.

    1. A simple hair tool to transform an ordinary ponytail into something more sophisticated and romantic. This tool can be used to quickly create a number of neat hairstyles that would take a long time (and sore arms) to create otherwise.

    2. A gel-based moisturizer so your skin can look plump without being greasy, and you can fool your date into thinking you actually drink enough water. It's a big hit for all skin types, but people with oily skin seem to love it the most.

    3. A double-sided eyeliner pen which makes eyeliner application so much easier and faster, you'll be ready sooner than you expected! It lets you stamp on a wing with one end, and line your eye with the other. And what's sexier than feeling confident in your eyeliner skills?

    4. A pair of sexy and durable opaque tights that will keep you feeling super polished AND protected from cold temperatures. Talk about a win-win.

    5. A delicious-smelling strawberry sorbet flavoured EOS lip balm that'll leave your lips soft and kissable all night long. It's cute as a button, and also super quenching on chapped or wind-burnt lips.

    6. And germ-killing mouth freshener spray that'll have your breath smelling super fresh, even if you did just split some garlic bread. It's sugar free and super discreet, so you can carry it in your pocket or in your purse easily.

    7. Speaking of smelling great, a before-you-go spray that'll make spending time at your date's house free of poo anxiety. You know, the panic you feel when you have to poop at someone’s house, but are dreading leaving a stinky bathroom? This’ll fix all that.

    8. A cult-favourite dry shampoo for when you fail at aligning your hair wash day with your date, and your locks aren't looking their freshest. Reviewers say this dry shampoo is the best they've tried.

    9. A five-star-rated set of breathable lace undies, for if you’re planning on having a sexy time after your date, but want to remain comfortable. These are affordable and will keep you panty line free.

    10. A pack of bestselling acne patches that will make sure your skin plays nice during your date. They draw gunk out of pimples and can be easily covered with makeup.

    11. A bottle of peel-off latex tape that will make sure your nails look perfectly neat on the big day. Just apply this to your cuticles before applying nail polish, so you don't have to patiently and carefully colour within the lines. Once you're done, peel off the latex and enjoy your professionally painted looking nails!

    12. Complete the package with bottle of Sally Hansen drying drops so when your date texts "Come down," you aren't sitting blowing on your nails to make them dry faster. Simply use the dropper to apply the formula onto freshly painted nails, and wait a couple of minutes.

    13. A shaving apron that sticks right onto your mirror or tiles, and prevents your bathroom sink from become a gross, hairy mess. This will seriously save you time with post-shave cleanup and ensure you don't have any little hairs scattered over your outfit.

    14. And while you're at it, a facial razor will help groom your facial hair painlessly and quickly! There's no need to stress about getting a last-minute brow appointment at your salon when you can clean up your brows and exfoliate your face right at home.

    15. A big bottle of deeply hydrating body lotion because nourishing your skin is IM👏POR👏TANT👏. This one is quite rich, and will keep your skin feeling soft and looking touchable for up to 48 hours.

    16. A jewelry fastener that will let you put on bracelets all by yourself. Gone are the days of bugging your roommate for a hand while you're rushing out the door!

    17. A tube of L'Oreal Lash Paradise mascara that'll leave your lashes long, full, wispy, and flirty as you coyly glance at your date. It's super black, and easy to remove, so you won't tug on or damage your lashes.

    18. A dainty geometrical metal clip to look like you put more effort into your ’do than you actually did. It's the perfect mix of subtle and statement!

    19. Or a metallic rose elastic headband that'll tie any look together, and keep your ponytail or up-do in place for a ~fancier~ date.

    20. Or a pair of beautiful stainless steel airplane cufflinks that look way more expensive than they are. These will add an extra touch of personality to a formal date outfit!

    21. A frizz-eliminating serum to eliminate flyaways no matter what your hair texture is, and rock a sleek 'n' sexy, or a soft 'n' tousled look. All you have to do is massage it into damp hair to lock in moisture and look your most polished.

    22. A reusable pet hair remover brush that'll have your clothes looking clean, even if your pet decided to jump on you for cuddles just before leaving for your date. The best part? You'll never have to buy refills for it!

    23. A sheer printed cardigan to chic up a plain outfit for a lunch date or give a romantic flair to your evening look. It combines comfort and style in a super-cute way!

    24. A mini atomizer that will allow you to take your favourite perfume or aftershave with you, without having to carry the entire heavy glass bottle. Sneak a spritz when they're not looking, and continue smelling like a dream for hours.

    25. This shoe cream that'll condition your leather footwear, and make it shine. You might have heard a lot of people say they notice their date's shoes first, so make an amazing impression!

    26. A casual maxi dress that drapes beautifully and has pockets!!! It's stretchy, which means you can eat to your heart's content without having to worry about things feeling too tight for comfort.

    27. And complete the look with a chic elastic belt to make the dress even more elegant. Reviewers are calling this belt a wardrobe essential.

    28. And lastly, some beautiful coloured kohl eyeliners to give your waterline a pop of colour, and keep them looking into your eyes ALL NIGHT LONG. 😍

    You, ready to rock your date's world:

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