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    27 Products That Are So Genius, I Can’t Believe They’re This Affordable

    Thank you, innovative product geniuses, for your services.

    1. A silicone kitchen tool that combines the flatness of a spatula and the grabbiness of tongs to make one totally genius utensil.

    2. A coffee mug warmer that makes sure to keep your beverage hot even when you forget about it. It also works for soups, cocoa, tea, and pretty much anything you'd want to keep warm in a mug. (But it’ll make a particularly great gift for a coffee drinker.)

    3. Some bamboo charcoal air-purifying bags that absorb all the bad, mildewy, smokey, sweaty odours and excess moisture from your life. Throw it in the closet, put it in your car, scoot it into your fridge — the possibilities for freshness are endless.

    4. Some lemon-scented cleaning putty that’ll get all the dust settled inside your car vents and the crumbs trapped in your keyboard, and make your car or laptop smell like a lemonade stand.

    5. A non-slip foot scrubbing brush that suctions right to the floor of your tub, so you can exfoliate your feet every time you shower! You can clean your feely quickly, and without risking losing balance as you stand on one leg with a pumice stone in your hand, scrubbing your heel.

    6. A nifty little strainer that'll catch all the hair in your bathtub for easy removal. Say goodbye to pulling out a long, gross, and gunky hair monster out of the depths of your drain! I recently bought this and was shocked by how much hair collects in my bathtub drain in just ONE week.

    7. A double-sided eyeliner pen that lets you stamp on a wing with one end, and line your eyes with the other. No more spending 30 minutes aggressively taking off and reapplying eyeliner because those wings are uneven or wonky!

    8. This T-shirt folder, which will make you an organizing pro by neatly folding your shirts all to the same size. It takes literally seconds to fold one! You'll be surprised how much space there really is in your T-shirt drawer once things are actually organized.

    9. This dish squeegee that'll ensure you never touch any gooey, wet bits while clearing leftovers from your plate. It's an ergonomic spatula for your dishes or sink, essentially. Also, your dish sponges will last longer because they won't have icky bits stuck to them!

    10. A tilted soap dish that'll drain out all the water around your soap, so you don't have to dip your hands into a soggy, soapy pool, and never waste your expensive (read: Lush) soaps because they melted away.

    11. A shaving apron that sticks to your mirror or tiles, and prevents your bathroom sink from become a gross, hairy mess every time you groom your facial hair. If you gift it to your significant other, you’re really giving a gift to yourself.

    12. A pair of cut-resistant gloves so you can grate, slice, and chop with full confidence. These are surprisingly light and comfortable for a product that can withstand a sharp blade.

    13. A gel ice therapy hat that literally makes your headaches go away. A bad migraine or congested sinuses? No problem!

    14. A life-changing extra-large cat litter bin that locks in odour, makes your litter last longer, and makes poop scoopin’ a breeze. It can store up to 21 days of poop (for a single cat)!

    15. A makeup remover pen that'll fix all your little makeup mistakes precisely and quickly. This is a BLESSING for making crooked eyeliner wings look MUA-level good.

    16. A best-selling corrective brace that'll fix slouching and backaches, and all your posture-related problems. It'll also help prevent further health issues caused by a bad posture (and there are many).

    17. These bestselling pimple patches that actually draw out the gunk from your zits. It's super gross but oh-so satisfying. They're pretty much the best emergency pimple rescue product out there.

    18. A bottle of peel-off latex that you can apply to your cuticles before applying nail polish. Once you're done, peel off the latex and enjoy your neat manicure! No one has to know how messy you really are at painting your nails.

    19. A mug that won't knock over and spill your beverage everywhere. The physics behind it is quite simple, but genius. It's revolutionary for anyone who is a member of the clumsy community.

    20. A magical instant stain removing pen that'll take care of all the food and drink spills you get on your clothes. Let's face it: you're probably going to use this daily.

    21. Some elastic no-tie lock laces so you never have to worry about tripping on your shoelaces again. You mean to tell me I can save myself from a suspiciously frequent accident in my life?! Sign me up.

    22. A 3-in-1 burger patty press that makes shaping stuffed patties a quick, easy, and efficiently done task. Imagine popping some cheese and jalapeños into this bad boy and grilling the patty of your dreams. 🤤

    23. This cleaning tool that operates like tongs, and has a replaceable duster attach at the end to clean your vents and blinds quickly and super easily. It looks so satisfying to use, and the reviews say it's made the job a lot easier for them!

    24. These bottle stands that allow all the product inside to collect at the top, so you're not always spanking the hell out of your sauces and toiletries. Get the most out of your products!

    25. A thin (but stiff) angular grout brush that'll scrub the gunk right out of the seams of your bathroom tiles. Regular scrub brushes are great, but they provide nowhere near the precision this does.

    26. A silicone applicator that's like a little spatula for your face. It makes face mask mixing and application a mess-free experience.

    27. And lastly, an extendable tile and tub scrubber that'll help you thoroughly clean your bathtub without giving you the sore back small handheld brushes give you. This one has an antimicrobial head, and is specially designed to reach all the gunky corners!

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