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    This Image Is A Dark Reminder Of How Caste-Based Violence Is Alive India

    A dark, gut-wrenching reality.

    Facebook page India Resists shared the following image sent to them by one of their followers.

    The poignant image shows the search predictions that come up when you type "Dalit boy" and "Brahmin boy" into Google's search bar.

    The simple search suggestions shows the gut-wrenching reality of the Dalit community, in contrast with the normal reality of Brahmins in India.

    Since Google search results can differ depending on your search history, staffers at BuzzFeed India tried looking up the keywords from their computers. The results were similar for everyone.

    Among attacks on Dalit people in India this year, are the following:

    In January, Rohith Vemula, a PhD. student in Hyderabad, took his own life fighting for Dalit rights.

    In March this year, a Dalit man was hacked to death for, according to the police, marrying a higher caste woman.

    In early May this year, a young Dalit woman from Kerala was raped, tortured, and killed.

    In June, a Dalit man was shot in Uttar Pradesh, for allegedly fetching water from a government tube well.

    Earlier this month, four Dalit men were flogged and beaten with iron rods by Gau Rakshak vigilantes for skinning a cow carcass.

    Last week, a 20-year-old Dalit woman was allegedly gang-raped by her former rapists in Haryana.