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    21 Things That’ll Make Your Bachelorette Party The Bash Of Your Dreams

    It's gonna be lit.

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    Hi there! Did you know Amazon Canada has introduced wedding registries? You can make yours here. They allow you to register for things from *any* website, not just Amazon. 🇨🇦

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    Now let's get into the pre-wedding festivities!

    1. Some cute and sexy drink markers, so no tipsy guest has to guess which cocktail is theirs after leaving it on the communal booze table.

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    Get them on Amazon Canada for $13.99+. Available in 17 fun multipacks.

    2. A bunch of adorable heart-shaped sunnies to keep the wedding theme going in style. These will also look great in group photos!

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    Get a pack of six on Amazon Canada for $17.99+. Available in ten colours.

    3. An adult party game made especially for girls' nights, sorority parties, and bachelorette parties. It's a turn-based dice game with a fun mix of cards that'll have everyone spilling their tea and laughing all night.

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    Reviewers say they had a blast playing it with their friends.

    Get it on Amazon Canada for $27.95.

    4. Or a game of Wedding Pong, so everyone can enjoy getting wasted with a side of college-day nostalgia. It even works beautifully as a decor item.

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    Get it on Amazon Canada for $26.11.

    5. A bestselling Bluetooth-enabled speaker and karaoke machine so everyone can start tipsy-singing like they're in an "American Idol bad auditions compilation" video.

    Amazon / Via, ION Audio / Via

    The lights will amp up the ambience, too, and the resonant sound will have everyone at the party dying for their turn.

    Get it on Amazon Canada for $189.99.

    6. A set of rose gold latex balloons of different shapes and sizes. There are even confetti-filled balloons in the pack that'll turn out super cute in photos!

    Amazon / Via

    Get it on Amazon Canada for $10.99. Available in three colours.

    7. And to complement those, some metallic tinsel fringe curtains, so the bride-to-be can enjoy a dramatic entrance or the photo station can have the perfect background.

    Amazon / Via

    8. No photo booth is complete without a set of funny props that fit the theme!

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    Get them on Amazon Canada for $12.99.

    9. And if the bride loves watching true crime documentaries, this set of mugshot-themed props will be a surefire hit!

    Amazon / Via

    The set even includes free game instructions, and there are 40 unique crimes printed on 20 signs.

    Get the set on Amazon Canada for $19.95.

    10. A Fujifilm Instax Mini camera to capture memorable pre-wedding moments with a touch of nostalgia. The charm of holding a photo in hand is kind of unmatchable, and everyone will have cute new photos to put on their fridge!

    @fujifilm_instax_northamerica / Via

    You can grab film here and backup batteries here (the first set of batteries is included).

    Get it on Amazon Canada for $69. Available in 12 colours.

    11. A soft serve maker that has it all! Everyone will be able to make custom ice cream with sprinkles of their choice.

    Amazon / Via

    Reviewers say it works like a dream, is easy to operate, and super-fun to use. They can't stop making healthy homemade soft serve!

    Get it on Amazon Canada for $133.15.

    12. Some funky feather boas to keep the mood at party bright and fun. There are tons of colours to choose from, too, so you can pick whatever goes with the rest of your party decorations.

    Amazon / Via

    Get it on Amazon Canada for $6.79+. Available in 27 colours.

    13. A set of labelled stemless wineglasses that are, first of all, adorable, and made of silicone, so no one's going to have to worry about glass shattering all over the floor!

    Amazon / Via

    Get a set of six on Amazon for $23.90.

    14. Or some hot pink reusable cups that read "The 'I Do' Crew" that'll make the bridesmaids stand out among the crowd.g

    Amazon / Via

    The manufacturer recommends hand-washing them.

    Get 12 on Amazon Canada for $18.70.

    15. A pack of 100 pink and gold biodegradable paper straws for the bride who won’t forget to save the turtles just because it’s her wedding. These are thick and sturdy, and won't go limp from being in a drink for an extended period of time.

    Amazon / Via

    Get them on Amazon Canada for $10.99.

    16. Or straight-up PEEN STRAWS, if you like to keep it classically naughty. 🙃🍆

    Amazon / Via

    Get 12 on Amazon Canada for $11.99+. Available in three colour combos.

    17. A decoration set that includes a naughty banner, balloons, mini pom-poms, metallic swirlies, and other assorted party decor to make your day the most fun ever.

    Amazon / Via

    Get it on Amazon Canada for $24.99.

    18. A handmade natural bamboo charcuterie board so the guests can help themselves to cheese, fruit, crackers, and cured meats to go with their drinks. This one has a slide-out drawer for four cutting and serving utensils!

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    Get it on Amazon Canada for $49.99.

    19. A whole bunch of hydrating Korean sheet masks the bride and her pals can use to have an unwinding sesh at the end of the night. They can also be given away as party favours!

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    Get 12 on Amazon Canada for $19.20.

    20. Some glittery, diamond ring-shaped coasters so everyone can rest their glasses on theme.

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    Get 24 on Amazon Canada for $15.93.

    21. And finally, some hilarious first aid-style "Hangover Kit" bags to load up with your party favours and candy of choice to end the night.

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    Get 10 on Amazon Canada for $18.66.

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