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    18 Inexpensive Accessories That’ll Make Any Bride Shine On Her Wedding Day

    It's the small things that make it your big day.

    Hi, pals! Did you know that Amazon Canada now has wedding registries? And you can add stuff to your registry even if it's from non-Amazon websites? Here's a little life hack: Get registered on Amazon Canada 🇨🇦 and have your friends and family get you exactly what you need for your wedding or honeymoon!

    1. A gem-encrusted belt that'll give you a princess-like silhouette. It has sash-style ribbon ends, making it perfect for any waist size. Also, it's the perfect addition to rescue a bridal dress that's too plain for your liking!

    2. A silky and sexy satin bridal robe for you to de-stress or get your makeup done in before slipping into that wedding dress.

    3. A comfy underwire bra that'll support you like a best friend on your big day. It can be worn in many ways, and reviewers love the comfort and lift it provides, even when worn sans straps. If your wedding dress is strapless, you know what to do!

    4. A gorgeous two-tier veil for the bride who loves all things lacy. It's made of soft tulle and uses a secure metal comb to stay put, so you won't have to worry about things snapping at a tug.

    5. Or a simpler tulle veil that has no lacework, but lets its stunning, long train make the statement.

    6. A beautifully bare O.P.I. set that'll give your nails a glowy nude glaze — plus, it’ll stay on without any cracks or chips O.P.I. says the "Always Bare For You" collection is super popular among brides!

    7. An intricate platinum-plated silver bracelet that'll boost up your shine some more with clusters of bold, Marquis-cut stones.

    8. Or a minimalist silver bangle that symbolizes you're "tying the knot" in the most elegant way. It's adjustable, so you can tighten or loosen it however you please, and it doesn't have any prickly bits that might snag on your dress.

    9. A set of bestselling crystal hair pins that'll that’ll add a hint of romance to your updo, while keeping your hair securely in place

    10. Or if you’re wearing your hair down, try a crystal and pearl headband, for some ethereal goddess vibes.

    11. A unconventional and flowy dress for the bride who loves all things nature, or is having a garden wedding. Reviewers say the quality of the fabric and the level of detail in the embroidery are like that of a more high-end dress.

    12. A delicate sterling silver necklace with a tiny zirconia stone in the middle that's the perfect piece for the bride who likes to ~keep it simple~. It'll last you a lifetime without losing its brilliance.

    13. Some dainty foot jewelry that'll add a sparkly finishing touch to your whole look, especially if you're going for a beach/destination wedding.

    14. A long lace-and-sequin chapel that's made of soft tulle, and will add fairy-like whimsy to your bridal photoshoot. Reviewers who wore it on their wedding say they got tons of compliments, and that the veil looks even better IRL.

    15. A tube of Maybelline Superstay Matt Ink lipstick that's the perfect nude for a variety of skin tones. It'll stay on for 16 hours and you'll need an oil-based makeup remover to wipe it off, so your pout will be perfect all day long.

    16. A sleek silken clutch to carry around all your essentials. It's small enough to carry around with ease, but roomy enough to fit your phone, makeup, facial tissues, keys, and all the other little things you may need as you stay busy mingling with your guests.

    17. A plush faux fur wrap shawl, so you feel like total royalty *and* stay warm, especially if you're having a winter wedding.

    18. And lastly, a sexy white babydoll for when the wedding is done, all the wedding guests are gone, and you're cuddling with your new spouse.

    Enjoy your big day!!!

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