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    23 Wedding Gifts Under $100 That The Newlyweds Will Love Forever

    Make their big day a little bigger.

    Hi, pals! Amazon Canada has introduced wedding registries! You can go check whether the couple you're buying gifts for already has one there. Check out their wedding registry section, where you can register for things from *any* website, not just Amazon. 🇨🇦

    1. A bestselling neck and shoulder massager that'll use heated shiatsu nodes to melt away any knots they might have in their shoulders and neck from weeks of wedding stress. The straps can be adjusted to fit them perfectly, and there are several kneading modes to choose from.

    2. A Fujifilm Instax Mini camera, so they can shoot and develop precious honeymoon moments exactly when they happen. The charm of holding a photo in hand is kind of unmatchable, and they'll have cute new photos to put on their fridge!

    3. A stainless steel knife set that’ll make them feel like intergalactic star chefs every time they prepare a meal together.

    4. The complete set of The Office on DVD, because if you've heard them quote the show, they probably love it and will will NEED this — the show's going off Netflix in January next year. 😭😭😭

    5. An Instant Pot, because EVERYONE who likes to cook secretly wants one. This'll save them a ton of time and money in the long run and can pressure-cook, sauté, slow-cook, make fluffy rice, steam veggies, and warm up food.

    6. A powerful Ninja blender that'll make them the perfect smoothie in seconds. It even blends harder frozen stuff without breaking a sweat, so they can enjoy slushies and ice cream-like treats.

    7. A Himalayan salt lamp that'll give their living space a warm, amber glow. It comes with a dimmer so they'll be able to brighten it when they're reading or dim it down when it's time to nap or Netflix and chill.

    8. A Kindle e-reader, so they can have books to read all the time, anywhere. It's slim and small, so it stores easy, and the screen is glare free — it actually looks like paper!

    9. A handmade natural bamboo charcuterie board that'll help them host post-wedding parties for their pals and family. This one has a slide-out drawer for four cutting and serving utensils, and will be their new fave thing to whip out on date nights in.

    10. A pack of fizzy and naturally-scented bath bombs that'll make bath time an extra luxurious and de-stressing experience for them. They're a bestseller and come packed in an elegant box, so you won't have to work extra hard on making your gift presentable.

    11. A daily journal that'll last them five whole years! They can write down anything special about their days together — big or small — and keep that memory forever. It's probably going to start with a note about you giving them this awesome wedding gift.

    12. A Click and Grow garden that'll help them grow their own herbs indoors, no matter what the weather's like outside! They'll be able to enjoy fresh food they cultivated themselves, free of harmful chemicals. It's great for couples who love living a sustainable lifestyle.

    13. A five-in-one ultrasonic aromatherapy oil diffuser that'll improve the air quality in their home. It also functions as a humidifier and will protect from allergens. They'll be able to change its colours and brightness according to their mood, plus control all functions right from their phone.

    14. A 10-piece set of airtight containers that'll help them store grains, candy, pasta, and even fresh ingredients. There’s nothing quite like a pantry that’s neat and organized AF.

    15. Some indexed plastic cutting boards, because it's difficult to not cross-contaminate food when there's only one surface. These labelled boards are just *chef's kiss* when it comes to managing that. They stack together in their case, so they won't even have to worry about clutter!

    16. A one-year Xbox Live gold membership card for the couple that loves gaming, so they can play with other players online, get discounts, and even get access to free games throughout the year!

    17. A premium wooden gift box containing two whisky glasses, eight natural granite chilling cubes, steel tongs, and two slate coasters. It's the perfect little kit for couple who love their bourbon in style.

    18. A thin metal wallet that's as deluxe as it gets, and will take the load off their pockets or purse. It'll fit up to 12 of their cards, AND it has a money clip for their cash, so they can leave bulky wallets in 2019.

    19. A foolproof Amazon gift card, so they can get exactly the things they need. Gift cards may not seem like a great first choice to you, but the freedom they offer is unlike any other gift.

    20. A gorgeous moon silhouette night lamp they can keep on their bedside table. They'll be sleeping in the romantic glow of moonlight every night.

    21. A compact JBL speaker that produces rich and resonant sound and can be clipped onto anything conveniently. It's waterproof, so they can use it at the pool or the beach, take it on hikes, or even use it to listen to their morning jams in the shower.

    22. A mega-cute vintage-looking rotary phone, if they love all things retro. This is not only a great decor item — it's also fully functional and comes with a cable! They'll be able to enjoy having conversations on the phone like they're in the '50s.

    23. And finally, a stylish smoking kit for the couple that loves to bake together. It has a special rolling tray, tubes for their doobies, a crusher, a weed pipe, rolling papers, a storage jar, and a pouch. It has everything they'll need for their seshes.

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