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20 Things Only People With Glasses Will Understand

Glasses are cool and trendy, but they also come with their downsides.

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1. Being called four-eyes throughout elementary school.

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2. Which somehow changes into a smarty-pants stereotype, which we secretly like.

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3. Black-smudged glasses from wearing mascara.


4. Automatic sinks that don’t recognize your glasses as something needing to be cleaned.


5. Feeling too lazy to put on contacts.

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6. Crying. Always a splotchy mess.

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7. Feeling nerdy wiping your glasses on your shirt.

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8. Do you think I’m a hipster just because I wear glasses?

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9. Wishing you could have windshield wipers for your glasses.

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10. Feeling nervous for your specs when everyone wants to try on your glasses.

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11. Becoming an old person when you can’t find them.

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12. The jealousy when someone says they have 20/20 vision.


13. Having to take off your glasses and ride roller coasters blindly.

14. Shopping for clothes based on what would look good with your glasses.

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15. Feeling trendy whenever you see a celebrity with specs.

16. Using the excuse, “Sorry, I’m blind” quite frequently.


17. The danger of shaving your legs in the shower without being able to see.

18. Easily telling who is wearing frames without lenses, and knowing how silly they look.


19. When your lenses fog up in steam rooms, bathrooms, kitchens…basically, anywhere with heat.


20. The power to look at someone above your glasses all-knowingly.


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