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Servers Lament "One Tip More" In This Hilarious Les Mis Parody

"Another tip, another table sat. Another time I have to bust my ass."

Ilyse Liffreing 2 years ago

Build Your Movie Character And We'll Tell You Who You Are From Beauty And The Beast

Beauty and the Beast premiered this past weekend and saw record-breaking sales at the box office.

Ilyse Liffreing 2 years ago

41 Of The Most Creative Posters From The Women's March

On Saturday, millions of people showed their solidarity with women in the Women's March. The event took place the day after Trump's inauguration, so there were plenty of marchers protesting Trump at the same time as supporting women. These original posters stood out in cities around the world.

Ilyse Liffreing 2 years ago

20 Irish Drinking Toasts To Make Your Inner Leprechaun Dance

As the Irish proverb goes—"A drink precedes a story." Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Ilyse Liffreing 3 years ago

These Cocktails Are Perfect For The Oscar Best Picture Nominees

Toast your favorite Best Picture nominee with some of these cocktails. Everyone knows that an Oscar party has to be classy.

Ilyse Liffreing 3 years ago

12 Unique Hotels From Around The World

These crazy hotels embrace what travel is all about--the new experiences!

Ilyse Liffreing 3 years ago

17 Thoughts Of Binge-Watchers

We all know the feeling of loving a show so much that hours slip away watching one episode after another. Our brain doesn't tune out everything completely--here are 17 thoughts of binge-watchers.

Ilyse Liffreing 3 years ago

20 Things Only People With Glasses Will Understand

Glasses are cool and trendy, but they also come with their downsides.

Ilyse Liffreing 5 years ago