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    We Asked 11 Women At The Women's March What They Want To See From The Prime Minister

    "It's got to be equal pay."

    1. Geena Vabulas, 28, Bermondsey, London

    “We are continuing to fail women and vulnerable people every day in this country by not funding the services that we need. That's plain and simple. You're failing people by not funding social services.

    “To my younger self I would say it's gonna fucking suck sometimes and that there are really good people in the world. Things will get better.”

    2. Razia Anwar, 42, Blackburn, Lancashire

    “Students should not be paying for their nursing courses. I'm a BA master’s nursing student.

    “A message to my younger self would be: Just believe in yourself. There's going to be lots of men that will put you down. There's lots of people that will put you down and will probably not give you the chance.

    “But actually believe in yourself that you can achieve. Have your goals, have your vision, and actually work towards it.”

    3. Lindsay Archer, 53, Romford, Essex

    “It's got be equal pay; we all do the same jobs. ‘Boy jobs and girl jobs’ – they need to have the same pay for both jobs.

    “Less of this abuse at work. I myself haven't suffered any sexual harassment but I know people who have and it's wrecked their lives.

    “And what for, you know? Just because we got we tits and a fanny, you know? Big deal.

    “To my younger self, I'd say: Don't put limits on yourself.”

    4. Francis Myer, 34, London

    “I guess I would say to her, maybe listen to what her country is telling her rather than what her party is telling her.

    “I'd tell my younger self to read more, understand more definitely.”

    5. Maggy Murphy, 34, London

    “We need more than crumbs if we're about achieving equality. We need real systemic reform and that means making sure men are part of the solution as well.

    “It means making sure that men have paid parental leave, that pay structures are in place that allows everyone to have a solution, not just the few.

    “I'd tell my younger self to take note, watch, learn, and speak up as soon as you feel ready to.”

    6. Sara Snow, 50, Dartford, Kent

    “Look around you: The people here represent half of the population of this country. They may not be half, but they represent it. Listen to what they are saying. It's important.

    “A message to my younger self would be to stick to your principles. Think about where you came from. Learn from history and live it.”

    7. Jessica Ellis, 30, London (pictured left)

    “It's a bit hard, because I don't think she believes in what she's doing right now either. I feel sorry for her. Genuinely, I feel really sorry for Theresa May because she's our second female prime minister, who has been set up on the worst platform backing a policy that she doesn't even back herself. So I don't know, I wouldn't give her any more grief.

    “To my younger self, my message is: Don't stop believing that you can be whoever you want to be.”

    8. Sobia Razzaq, 44, Watford

    “Support us to help women in all spheres of life. To make a difference.

    “I'd tell my younger self: Believe in yourself, do whatever your instincts and your inner belief says. Don't let anyone stop you from doing what you need to, to make an example.”

    9. Julie Siddiqi, 46, Slough

    “For me I think it's about celebrating diversity of all backgrounds. We're all part of this together and standing together. Oh yeah, and maybe rethink Brexit!

    “I think I'd tell my younger self to spend my time wisely, surround myself with good people, and not worry about what other people think.”

    10. Jordan Tyson, 25, London

    “I feel like we could do more for women's rights especially in the wake of Brexit. We need to make sure that women don't get left behind, especially at-risk women and children who are usually more at risk of being in poverty that anyone else.

    "To my younger self, I say: Don't be afraid to stand up for what you believe in. You always will. It's how you've been raised, and it will always work out for you.”

    11. Danielle Smith, 25, London

    “Theresa May, take note of what's happening today. Simple as that, really.

    “To my younger self: Be strong, like, stand up for yourself. Don't take any bullshit.”


    The first interviewee is called Geena Vabulas. An earlier version had an incorrect name.