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People Are Relating To This Teen Who Shared His Laptop Screen With A Classmate To Watch Family Guy In Class

"Education is vital."

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And so she texted him to turn his laptop to the left so she could watch it with him.

Twitter: @leagalicious

Wilson said, "Well, our teacher was lecturing and I think we were at the point of giving up on that class seeing as how we all average a 30."

"Some people have laptops out to take notes on the lecture, as a good student would, but most of the time Ethan and I play Candy Crush or watch Family Guy."


Then her tweet went viral. Wright said he thought the response to the tweet was crazy.

He added, "I didn't expect that many people to see and react to it."

Wilson said that she usually watches Family Guy or How I Met Your Mother during class.

@leagalicious My mans Ethan back at it

Since then people have been editing different things onto the laptop.


we need more people like ethan

But some people were bothered by Wilson's 440 unread messages, which she said are a mix of texts from Papa John's or guys that she has curved.

@leagalicious @lilforsakensoul I hate people like this