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    This Artist Reimagined Van Gogh's Floral Paintings With Black Women And People Love It

    Black. Girl. Magic.

    Meet 22-year-old Aisha Mohamed, a digital artist from south London.

    Mohamed has edited black women into Vincent Van Gogh's floral paintings.

    Mohamed said: "We live in a time where social media allows us direct access to different versions of our blackness. I wanted to make something that young black girls could feel connected to."

    Mohamed said her first creation was this image of Aya Jones.

    Mohamed tweeted her art and she said she was overwhelmed by the response.

    'reinterpreting van gogh's floral paintings with black women: part one' (any RTs or likes are appreciated!!!!)

    Mohamed said: "What especially touched me were the comments. I had one comment that told me my art had made their day. I never knew my art could make someone feel like that."

    'reinterpreting van gogh's floral paintings with black women: part two' (again any RTs or likes are appreciated!!!!)

    She said: "I know art is seen as this subjective thing but it's so reaffirming to hear that people really loved it.

    "It makes me ... more determined to continue making my art."

    People have called her work beautiful.

    And said that they're here for it.

    Black. Girl. Magic. 👏🏾