This Student Has A Phobia Of Spiders And Ordered Food To Ask The Delivery Driver For Help

    "My fear of spiders was taken to a whole new level today."

    Meet Demi Sweeney, a 22-year-old criminology student in Bournemouth.

    Sweeney told BuzzFeed News that she woke up at 10am to an empty house as her housemates were away, and when she stepped out of her room she saw a huge spider. Sweeney said that because of where the spider was, she was scared it would drop onto her. She messaged her friends and family for advice.

    One of her friends suggested ordering food and asking the driver to remove it for her. So Sweeney went to Deliveroo for help.

    They replied saying if the driver wasn’t scared of spiders themself, then they could help out.

    Sweeney said the driver laughed and said, “I have, but I’m also scared of spiders.” But after she begged, he helped her out and removed the spider.

    Sweeney then tweeted about the ordeal.

    My fear of spiders was taken to a whole new level today in which I ordered food in a hope that the delivery driver would remove the spider.. Joe @Deliveroo @DeliverooHelp you are an actual LIFESAVER 🙌🏼

    And Deliveroo replied saying they were glad to see Joe, the driver, helping, and that they would reward him.

    @demiswn What a guy! Great to see Joe could lend a helping hand - we hope nobody got stung! 🕷🕸 We'll drop you a DM you shortly so we can give Joe the praise he deserves 👋