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    This Comedian Is Casually Roasting People On Twitter By Telling Them When International Men's Day Is

    FYI, it's on 19 November.

    For years, British comedian Richard Herring has been keeping an eye on Twitter for people asking when International Men's Day is.

    Stuart C. Wilson / Getty Images

    Every International Women's Day, he's made a tradition of responding to men who ask when the male equivalent is.

    Yup, November 19th. RT @steph_varty: Is there an international men's day? 🤔

    It's pretty hilarious.

    Noticed no shit shitting down last Nov 19. maybe next. RT @JakeSkeletor: can we do international men's day too? Shit wld seriously shit down

    Herring does it every year...

    There is 1, Nov minds lost RT @OscarCampeezy: Let there be an Int Men's day and all society would lose their mind,

    Here he is in 2015...

    I am broken. I am sitting in a corner just saying Nov 19th over and over again and I can’t remember why or what it means

    ...and 2016.

    Apart from ON nOVEMBER 19TH RT @HarshilMankad: time we start men empowerment but equally treat men and women.Y no International MENS dAY?

    Some of his responses are pretty savage.

    Baby Man, Baby Man, does whatever a baby can. Gets to huffing, over nothing, tweets away, about today. Oh yeah, here comes the baby man.

    He's even taken to trolling the new POTUS.

    Just to preempt you @realDonaldTrump, it's November 19th

    Imagine if all men worked as hard as I do to promote international men's day how MASSIVE it would be.., they don't though do they? Weird!

    People are impressed by Herring's dedication to the cause.

    Hugely impressed by @Herring1967's IWD/IMD vigilance. (As I am every year)

    Happy International @Herring1967 explains to whinging blokes that there is an International Men's Day. My favourite day of the year.

    Some people have called it their "favourite annual tradition".

    This is my favourite annual tradition. #iwd @Herring1967

    Happy Telling-Men-When-International-Men's-Day-Is Day, everyone!