This Artist Has Created Comic Book Covers For "Black Mirror" And They Are Dope AF

    They've even got the seal of approval from Charlie Brooker!

    Butcher Billy, a 38-year-old artist from Brazil, reimagined Black Mirror episodes as comic book covers.

    Billy said that he felt a bit late to the party since he only became aware of Black Mirror recently since Netflix made all the seasons available in Brazil.

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    Butcher said: "So I started with the first episode and couldn't stop anymore. I binge-watched the hell out of the whole series - felt so inspired that I started sketching in the middle of the episodes."

    Billy said that what he loves most about the show is that it reminds him of a modern Tales from the Crypt series.

    He said he had been a fan of Charlie Brooker's work since 2006, when he used to watch his Screenwipe show.

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    Brooker, the creator of Black Mirror, saw the comic book covers and asked for a print.

    @billythebutcher so good! gonna have to order prints of these - how might I do that?

    Billy said: "I tagged him on the first pieces but wasn't expecting him to notice - considering that he has about a million followers - and be so nice about it. He's not just a brilliant writer, he's also such a cool guy! We got in touch and I'm sending huge prints of the series to his office this week."

    So far Billy has created comic book covers for 8 episodes.

    Billy said he will making a comic book cover for all 13 episodes.