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This Teen Was Invited To A Family Event By Accident, But She Went Anyway And It Was The Cutest Thing

"You out here showing up for complete strangers while my friends flake on me."

Meet 19-year-old Leena Ali from Canada.

Her story starts when she got a text that she thought was from one of her friends.

Twitter: @leenaa_alii

She told BuzzFeed News: "At first, I thought the text was just from a friend because I never save people's numbers. I responded and said I was Quentin because I thought it would be funny to see what the person wanted."

But in fact it was from Dawn Burke, a 43-year-old esthetician from Niagara Falls who was looking for her nephew Quentin. When Ali saw the reason for the text, she came clean and confessed she wasn't really him.

Twitter: @leenaa_alii

Ali said: "Once they sent the text inviting me to 'Auntie Debbie’s Celebration of Life', I let them know I wasn’t Quentin."

But then, jokingly, Ali asked if she could come anyway. To her surprise, the answer was "yes".

"When Auntie Dawn actually said I could come, I decided I needed to commit.

"I let my close friends know that I was going to a random lady’s event, but since they already know my personality and how outgoing I am, they weren't really shocked that I actually went."

The day was to celebrate the life of Deborah B. Celar, who died on Sept. 16.

Ali said: "I started asking around for Auntie Dawn, and when I first saw her I could tell that she was confused. But when I showed her the fruit bowl, she realized I was the girl from the texts and started laughing."

Twitter: @leenaa_alii

Talking about the day, Ali said: "It was nice to see them take the time to remember her and her life, and overall I had a good time. They were all so excited and surprised that I actually showed up."

Burke said: "When I saw this person holding the fruit bowl I was very excited. It completed the story. Things happen for a reason and [it] brings a rainbow to cloudy day."

Burke told BuzzFeed News that although she texted the wrong person, they both went with it.

She said: "My Aunt Deb would have done the same thing. She had a way to find the good in things and enjoy a good joke."

"It was a casual, open house-type celebration. My Uncle Bob was determined to try to make the day a celebration versus a funeral.

"These days are sad but if you and try to get together with family and friends, it can turn a day of sadness into a day of some laughs."

Burke said part of her hoped that Ali would show up; she had been telling her family about it the entire week.

@leenaa_alii Omg I loved it! I'm so glad you showed up :) and with a fruit bowl, to boot! My family hasn't stopped talking about that all weekend long... they are telling everyone about this story! You are a truly amazing woman.. You have brightened our weekend that's for sure :) Thank you!

People loved how Ali showed up for Burke.

You out here showing up for complete strangers while my friends flake on me https://t.co/7MK4JUk1Q2

Ali said she didn't expect so many people to see her tweet. She said: "I didn't think it was gonna get this much attention at all because this was just one of the many random situations I get myself into in my day-to-day life."

Burke said she was in shock when she heard about the tweet being shared around so much.

"It is hard to wrap my head around this. Clearly this story is bigger than myself and Leena. In the current world we live in, it was nice to be part of something that was built out of an innocent mistake," said Burke.

This is some cute shit wow https://t.co/UVxpoLJE5a

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