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    A Cleric Said Pokémon Go Is "Un-Islamic" And People Can't Stop Laughing

    Pokémon no.

    On Thursday Islamic scholar Abbas Shuman, from Egypt's al-Azhar Institute, described the popularity of Pokémon Go as a "harmful mania" and said it was similar to drinking wine.

    Shuman added: "This game makes people look like drunkards in the streets and on the roads while their eyes are glued to the mobile screens."

    So of course people are taking the piss.

    Lmao this is sheikh really tryna say that PokemonGo is haram like alcohol?????

    This Twitter user reminded everyone that Pokémon was previously the subject of "a Fatwa" because some clerics feared it would promote gambling.

    You can't beat this shit - Pokemon was banned in Arab world by a Fatwa in 2001 for being Haraam 😂

    Shuman's comments also raised some important questions:

    If #PokemonGO was haram how come all the gyms are located near mosques?

    Basically people think Shuman's statement is a joke.

    Meanwhile in Egypt, people are still loving the game.

    People out here in Egypt catching Pokémon at the pyramids

    It's even encouraging interfaith unity across the world.

    I saw a muslim guy visit a temple coz it was a #pokestop. See #PokemonGO is uniting yes. Waiting fr a mosque to show up so that i can go too

    Guess I'm going to the Mosque! #PokemonGo

    When you need to catch a Pokemon in the mosque #PokemonGO

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