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    People Are Performing Little Acts Of Kindness For The Emergency Services As They Fight The Fire In West London

    "This is what heroes look like."

    The emergency services are being praised for the bravery and speed of their response to the fire in London's Grenfell Tower.

    #NorthKensington tower block fire declared major incident, crews working hard at scene ©@Natalie_Oxford For updates…

    The London Fire Brigade said it got to the building in six minutes.

    In a statement it said:

    London Fire Brigade’s Control room took multiple calls, with the first being received at 00.54am The first fire crews arrived on the scene in under six minutes and were faced with a rapidly developing and incredibly complex fire.

    Crews wearing breathing apparatus have been working tirelessly in extremely difficult conditions to rescue people and to bring this major fire under control

    A police officer expressed his gratitude to people who have been giving the emergency services food as they worked.

    Massive thank you from the emergency services to the local business, churches and residents who have donated, keepi…

    A resident was seen handing out sandwiches to the emergency service staff at the scene.

    Resident dishing out sandwiches to emergency services crews at #GrenfellTower - tiny bit of light at this bleak, bl…

    And a group of firefighters got a round of applause from locals as they walked through the estate.

    Here's the moment London firefighters who have been battling the #GrenfellTower blaze were applauded

    One told BuzzFeed News, "I can't say anything about it but it's horrendous in there."

    The firefighters in the video above have been working for hours, and will be replaced by another team who will take over.

    Online, people have called the fire brigade brave.

    London Fire Brigade - a whole city is remembering, all over again, just how astonishingly brave you are, and how much we owe you, every day.

    Chatting to the firefighters, fuck me they have a hard job. Big ups

    This picture of the firefighters taking a break has gone viral.

    Respect to the brave firefighters from the London Fire Brigade who risked their lives to save people at…

    Others are calling them heroes.

    My hero - MC PSG and to all fellow fire fighters risking their lives to save others 👏🏽

    LNP / Twitter

    The last few weeks have sadly reminded us how heroic our emergency services are. Fire, Police, Ambulance and NHS. All heroes #GrenfellTower

    LNP / Twitter

    Pray for victims of the terrible Grenfell Tower fire in London this morning. Also pray for firefighters & emergency responders.

    Again emergency services doing us proud at Latimer Road. What will happen if their resources are cut further? 💔💔💔 #GrenfellTower