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People Are Angry With Sky News For Filming FGM

There is a campaign on social media to stop the broadcast of a mutilation that was filmed as part of a documentary.

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Sky News have filmed a documentary about Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) which will allegedly show the procedure taking place.

Hibo Wardere, FGM campaigner and survivor, has called for a boycott of Sky News to support her campaign against the broadcast

@nofgm @SkyNews pkease people boycott thus and show yoyr support. Monday skynews is goung to show a mutilation

@HiboWardere / Via Twitter: @HiboWardere

Some people are asking why it is acceptable to show a film with child abuse

Hi @SkyNews can you explain why you think it is acceptable to broadcast film of a girl child being subjected to #FGM. This is child abuse

@ProfLizKelly / Via Twitter: @ProfLizKelly

This girl deserves dignity & @SkyNews makes her abuse something to be watched & consumed. It's disgusting & Sky should be reported #FGM

@AfroMatriarch / Via Twitter: @AfroMatriarch

.@SkyNews Broadcasting child abuse is disgusting.FGM is a real problem, and you're contributing to it by broadcasting a young girl's torture

@ThisIsNotLizzie / Via Twitter: @ThisIsNotLizzie

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