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    A Newborn Baby Helped His Parents Get Engaged And People Are Crying

    "Everyone deserves to be this happy one day."

    This is Susan Medina and Darick Mead, from Nebraska, with their newborn baby.

    Ryder Michael Mead, the couple's first child, was born last week.

    my heart is so full 😭💕

    And just a few hours into his life, Ryder helped his dad propose to his mum by wearing this vest.

    Medina, a 20-year-old banker, said yes!

    She told BuzzFeed News she was shocked to see her tweet announcing both Ryder's birth and her engagement go viral.

    So this happened tonight 😊😙💍

    "One of Darick's friends in Texas screenshotted a tweet of the pictures and she showed us. From all the way in Texas. But we've had quite a few friends who don't live here see," Medina, who has been with Mead for two years after first meeting online, told BuzzFeed News.

    "I've had a lot of moms message me and give me tips, they're all super nice, so I think I'll have some new mom friends."

    People loved the double announcement.

    Medina said she had not seen the proposal coming at all.

    Nails are trash but still can't get over it 💕

    "He used to always say that we wouldn't be married for at least 40 years, just so I wouldn't know when he would pop the question, so when he did, I was super overwhelmed," she said.

    "I even asked him if it was a prank and was waiting for him to say, just kidding, 38 more years."

    Medina said Mead, a 26-year-old welder, had got the ring a month ago and everyone at the hospital was in on the plan.

    "Nearly all of our visitors came at the same time and I was stressing out because I had to talk to all of them, but little did I know they, the nurses, and the doctors were all in on it," Medina said.

    "The nurses even took Ryder to 'check on him' when really they were getting him in his outfit."

    And Medina said she was already loving being a mother.

    It's been 42 hours since you've taken your first breath and I can't remember or even imagine what life was like bef…

    "I had no idea I could love someone as much as I love him," she said.

    Some people are overwhelmed by the cuteness.