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The Internet Is Moved By This Wholesome Interaction Between A Muslim Girl And A Non Muslim Boy

"Kids are so innocent."

This video clip of two families from different backgrounds has gone viral because of how pure people found the conversation between two kids.

“When you can celebrate the same stuff but in a different way” Kids are so pure man

Meet Yasmin, who is Muslim, and Brendan, who is Catholic. Brendan goes to Yasmin's house for a playdate.

channel 4

During the playdate, Brendan learns a lot about Yasmin's life, Islam and her culture. He sees her pray and asks about her hijab.

Channel 4
Channel 4

They had a pretty eventful day.

Channel 4

And Yasmin said she was proud of herself for everything she taught him.

Channel 4

On the way back home, Brendan got emotional because the day was over.

Channel 4

It was uploaded last month in April and initially went viral on Facebook but it resurfaced last week on Twitter. It was part of the promo for Channel 4's How The Other Kids Live.

Facebook: video.php

People loved his curiosity and her answers.

His questions were so genuine and her responses were so calm 😭

kids are so innocent omg

Shows like these are so important. Well done Channel 4

And said it showed why racism is taught.

Idk why but this really warmed my damn heart. If there was EVER any confusion about racism let this be your clarification. Racism is TAUGHT. You’re NOT born racist. 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽

You know when he asked if there are any Muslim toys & his mum broke it down to him in a way that would make sense to kids ? That’s why he’s so pure. Racism/islamophobia is taught.

You can watch the show here.

Children from the same neighbourhood, but different cultural, ethnic and economic backgrounds, go on a playdate at each other's home for the very first time. #HowTheOtherKidsLive tonight at 8pm

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