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Croatia Performed At The Eurovision And Now It Is A Huge Meme

"Before, during, and after I write a good tweet."

Today the Eurovision is taking place and Jacques Houdek is representing Croatia with the song 'My Friend'.

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According to Pink News, Houdek was nominated for 'Homophobe of the Decade' in 2011 by Croatia's Zagreb Pride due to statements he made in 2005.

In his performance Houdek sings in two different voices and he has himself on a huge screen in the background.

People had some thoughts about the vocals.

Everyone: How do you top a goriilla and a horse-man? #Croatia: [DEEP VOICE] Hold my {FALSETTO] BEEEEEER! #Eurovision

Croatia is like when you try too hard to do all the parts in Bohemian Rhapsody #eurovision

Well you can't say this about Croatia #EUROVISION

And now it has become a huge meme.

You: You can't be your own best friend, that's physically impossible Me:

when you do an entire group project on your own #eurovision

Disnt realise that the Prime Minister of Genovia was representing Croatia #Eurovision

The meme has even met a meme.

And another meme.


Before, during, and after I write a good tweet.