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    This Guy Called Out Body Products Aimed At Men And People Found It Hilarious

    "I would call this a video I can’t explain, but I can. #masculinitysofragile"

    Meet 22-year-old college student Lucky Turner from Richmond, VA.

    Turner told BuzzFeed News he noticed that almost every product targeted at men was a darker colour and decided to make a video about it.

    Turner said he was just casually browsing through the store when he noticed the difference.

    He said: "I was literally minding my own business and searching through the store to re-up on Shea Moisture because I was out, and my hair deserved another blessing from them."

    Turner compared products that weren't gender stereotyped with the products aimed specifically at men.

    I would call this a video I can’t explain, but I can. #masculinitysofragile

    "I really just wanted to make a note of how items are marketed differently to men vs. women but with some humor attached to it," he added.

    Some people didn't notice the difference until Turner's video.

    Turner said some people responded to the video saying that it's just marketing and “it’s not that deep”.

    @estLucky Blame marketing, not masculinity. Is femininity fragile when products are pink for girls?

    "Some others tried to point out that the reason behind the difference was because men and women had different skin types, which didn’t make sense to me since it is irrelevant to what the video was about," he said.

    "However, I will say that the majority of people got the point, laughed, and moved on with their lives, so that was nice."

    Most people found it hilarious.