People Used A Photo Of SpongeBob Singing To Highlight The Extra Part Of Songs, And Now It's A Meme

    It's the meme we deserve right now.

    A screenshot from a SpongeBob Squarepants episode from way back in 2002 where he sings the "striped sweater song" has become a meme.

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    Though the meme recently became popular one of the earliest examples can be traced to 2015.

    the best time to wear a striped all the tiiiiiiime

    But now people are using it to highlight the ~extra~ parts of songs.

    Bell Biv Devoe: "....miss her, kiss her, love her, (wrong move, you're dead!) that girl is..." me: POISSSSSSOOOOOO…

    And they're on point.

    Usher: "It started when we were younger you were my -" Me: "My boooooooooooo."

    Some of the songs include Usher's "U Don't Have To Call".

    Usher : "after tonight..don't leave ya girl around me true playa foreal..." *beat drops* Me : "situaaaaaaaaaaaat…

    Rich Kidz's "I see you".

    Rich kidz: Flexing.. Ballin... We stressing oops no sorry. Me: I seeeeeee youuuuuuuuu

    Alicia Keys' "Fallin".

    Alicia Keys : I keep on falling Me : innnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn

    T-Pain's iconic line from Plies' "Shawty".

    T-Pain: "and I can't stand to see u treated bad, I'll beat his ass for my-" Me: "shawwwwtyyyyyyy."

    And Jill Scott's "The Way".

    Jill Scott: "two scrambled eggs" Me: Griiiiiiittsssssss

    New Edition's "Can you stand the rain".

    "Can you stand the rain? No pressure, no pressure from me, baby Cause I want you, and I need you,..... AND I LOOO…

    *beat drops for "Can You Stand the Rain"* Johnny: "Nayhoooooooooooooooooo"

    Trey Songz "Panty Droppa".

    Trey Songz: "This right here's a panty droppa" Me: Whoooooooaaaaaaa-waaaaaa

    Outkast's "Ms. Jackson".

    Outkast: I'm sorry Ms. Jackson. Me: Wooo! I am for reeaal!

    The Isley Brothers's "Contagious".

    Ronald Isley: And then I turned the TV down Me: teeeeee veeeee doooown

    T-Pain's "Chopped n Screwed"

    tpain: now u officially been Me: Choppedddd & Screweddddddd

    Anthony Hamilton's "Charlene".

    Anthony Hamilton : commmeee ooonn homeee tooo mmeeee Me : cchaaarrrlllleeeennneeee

    Shaquille O'Neal has also been included and received his own set of singing memes.

    With Alicia Key's iconic "Fallin" making an appearance again.

    "I keep on falling..... innnnnnnnnnnnnnn"


    "Baby won't you come my wayyyyyy"