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    Lindsay Lohan Wore A Burkini For A Photoshoot And People Are Conflicted

    "She has the coldest rebrand game of all time."

    Actress Lindsay Lohan was seen wearing a burkini in Thailand.

    A burkini is a modest bikini which is usually worn by Muslim women.

    In February, Lohan addressed rumours that she had converted to Islam on Good Morning Britain. The actress said she found solace when reading the Qu'ran and that she is interested in the religion.

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    Lohan also sparked rumours that she was collaborating with a modest fashion line when she posted a photo of herself in a hijab.

    Some people are skeptical about Lohan wearing a burkini.

    What's the difference between @lindsaylohan @KendallJenner @pepsi ....nothing. @DailyMailCeleb

    *scrolls twitter* *sees Lindsay Lohan in a burkini* Me:

    But mostly, people are supportive of her.

    BuzzFeed has reached out to Lohan's reps.