Emma Stone Played A BTS Fan In An "SNL" Promo And It Caused A Debate About Fangirls On Twitter

    "We are more than a gaggle of teenage girls."

    On Wednesday, Saturday Night Live shared a video ahead of this week's show that features a sketch with Emma Stone.

    In the video, Emma Stone plays a BTS fan and has a sleepover with SNL cast members. The entire stage is plastered with BTS posters.

    Some people thought it was realistic, as committed fans are already camping outside the set in the hope of catching a glimpse of BTS, who are this week's musical guest.

    I walked by this on the street yesterday — but for real! Dozens of young women and men sleeping outside for severa nights for #BTS tix to SNL! They had full-on camping gear and coolers... We were not nearly as prepared when we slept out for tix in the 80s! https://t.co/brKgAZ5LTL

    Some fans related to parts of the clip.

    "They can all be your favourite" If this isn't me to solo stans.... I feel exposed https://t.co/qz31nwCHnb

    "they can all be your favourite" A BIG MOOD https://t.co/nwkHC7egRj

    @nbcsnl Tag yourself, I'm the plushie stan

    But a lot of people are concerned about what they say is a belittling of fangirls in the promo video.

    I understand that this is a "joke" and a skit, but this same joke has been made for years and years now and it is so detrimental. It reduces fans to "screaming fangirls" which then in turn disregards the music quality behind the groups we like. Sad to see something so uninspired. https://t.co/c6P7lrGEzJ

    And they say that women's interests have been infantilised.

    love when women's interests are infatilized https://t.co/6nPOAbN3tk

    @nbcsnl We are more than a gaggle of teenage girls. I'm in my 20s, have a degree, speak 3(ish) languages and am a research technician working with Cancer Research UK. THIS isn't on. ARMY ARE NOT ALL TEENAGERS. ARMY ARE NOT ALL GIRLS. ARMY ARE DIVERSE!

    Many are bringing up this past video of Yoongi saying that fans are often belittled.

    yoongi cancelled that skit before it was even made and aired

    In the video, Emma Stone says "no boys allowed" — a line that has struck a chord with many fans who say the fandom is far more diverse.

    @nbcsnl Lmao this is so great. Don't be afraid to roast, ARMY are good sports. We roast oursleves and BTS all the time. Although you do get 1 detail wrong. We welcome all genders. BTS have plenty of male fans

    @bangtanism89 @nbcsnl Wondering when Western media will acknowledge that the majority of ARMY are over 20. I mean I'm a 41 year old guy...

    I tried to ignore this and just stay quiet but I can't stop thinking about how fucked up it is that they said "no boys allowed" in this SNL skit. BTS would never want anybody to feel like they weren't accepted as a fan, not even as a poorly written joke.

    But people see the other side of the argument too.

    @lucyj_ford So I'm taking it less as infatilized and more accepted for grown women to still be as excited for something at 30 as they were at 15. But that may just be me looking for positives.

    However, some people have seen the comedy in the skit.

    Y'all, SNL is a show that skewers everything they ever talk about. That's literally the point of the show. If you thought that ARMY was going escape without being roasted, you don't understand the show. Time to grow thicker skin and enjoy the fun, LOL!! 😂 #BTSxSNL @BTS_twt

    If you're offended easily, don't tune in to SNL. They exaggerate a lot and drag everyone and everything on their show. It's comedy. Just chill. Not everyone can say they get dragged and roasted and made fun of by SNL 🤷‍♀️ @BTS_twt

    Just got home from class and I see y’all complaining again smh that snl skit was literally a joke. That’s what snl is. A comedic sketch show. If whole political leaders can get roasted BTS ain’t safe either. Toughen up.

    You can watch Emma Stone host Saturday Night Live with musical guest BTS this Saturday.

    View this video on YouTube


    BuzzFeed News has reached out to SNL for comment.