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    This K-Pop Fan Has Created A Challenge That Has Gone Viral And People Really Love It

    The challenge is based on a move from Exo's music video for Ko Ko Bop.

    Meet 18-year-old Sheryse Skinner, a university student from Perth, Western Australia.

    Skinner told BuzzFeed that she created a dance challenge based on Exo's music video Ko Ko Bop.

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    She said she created her K-pop dance Instagram account and wanted to cover the song, but that it had been released recently so she didn't know all the moves.

    Skinner said: "I was actually talking to my sister about how I only knew the one dance move from the music video and I did it very over-exaggerated for her. She suggested that I just do that one move because I did it so funny and that was all I knew.

    "When I was posting it, my sister also suggested to hashtag it as a challenge just in case anyone decided to do it. "

    This is the dance move the challenge is based on.

    She said she posted the video in July and forgot about it until it started to go viral recently.

    Last week, Skinner's dance crew KCDC did the challenge when it started to go viral.

    People have been recreating Skinner's video since.

    Her move has appeared in videos from across the world.

    here is the #KoKoBopChallenge at landmarks around nyc! nyc exo-l love @weareoneEXO very much! we miss you! 💗 #EXO…

    He can't stop doing the 😂👏🏻#KoKoBopChallenge IN SAUDI ARABIA ❤️👏🏻

    People who have attempted the challenge include the former vice president of the Philippines, Noli de Castro.

    Panoorin sina Kabayan, @Bernadette_ABS at Ted Failon na gawin ang Ko Ko Bop challenge | via @gretsfullido

    And it seems that Exo know about the challenge.

    the #kokobopchallenge is started to gain popularity but what's more important is exo already knew it existed throug…

    Exo's Sehun appeared to acknowledge the challenge on stage.

    Kokobop encore stage yesterday Maknae Sehun #kokobop dance, he is so adorable ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ❤

    And their label tweeted about the challenge going viral.

    💃‘#KoKoBopChallenge’🕺inspired by #EXO(@weareoneEXO)’s dance moves in ‘#KoKoBop’ goes viral🤳

    Skinner said she's glad people are enjoying the challenge.

    She added, "Also, like other people, I think this is a really good way to make people know about Exo who may not have heard about them before.

    "I didn't necessarily make this with a purpose for it to spread all over the world. I just thought it was relatable to the few followers I had at the time."