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    This Woman Created An Instagram Page To Empower Dark-Skinned Muslim Women

    "A minority in a minority."

    Meet Hodhen Liaden, a 23-year-old artist and graphic designer from London.


    Liaden told BuzzFeed News she created an Instagram page called "@darkskinnedhijabis" to tackle colourism.

    Liaden said she has experienced colourism first hand. "As a dark black skin Muslim women myself, I know what it feels like to speak up and be ignored," she said.


    "Not to forget that there's a sick underlying form of discrimination and exclusion present in many Muslim communities and culture towards darker skinned people," she said.

    "History proves that life is undeniably unfair and severe at times for a woman but even more so when you are 'dark-skinned' Muslim woman."

    Liaden's page aims to highlight dark-skinned Muslim women.

    People have been submitting photos with the hashtag #darkskinnedhijabis.

    So far 700 people have submitted a picture via the hashtag.

    People really love the page.


    And said that representation is important.


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