Celebrities Are Turning Their Accounts Blue In Solidarity For Sudan

    The international community was initially criticised for not speaking up about the situation in Sudan.

    As you may know by now, there's been a military crackdown in Sudan which has led to at least 100 people being killed.

    Some celebrities have been showing support by either turning their DPs blue or showing solidarity with other gestures. Here are some of the ways that they have done so:

    All this celebrities Rihanna,Demi,Cardi,J.cole,Ariana,Kylie,etc are praying and spreading awareness about Sudan and our Arab friends are totally ignoring it wow #BlueForesudan #مجزره__القياده_العامه

    2. Rihanna

    mad respect to rihanna for showing awareness of what’s happening in Sudan on her IG story

    8. Halima Aden

    9. Jidenna

    11. Maya Jama

    What’s going on in Sudan is horrific! Heartbreaking there’s a complete disregard for human rights 💔 this world is messed up. Praying for everyone there 🙏

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    12. Adut Akech

    13. Davido

    14. Neelam

    15. Sophia Bush