UK Officials Said Donald Trump Held Theresa May's Hand Because He Has A Phobia Of Stairs

    The leader of the free world is afraid of some steps?

    Earlier this week, UK prime minister Theresa May met with US president Donald Trump and they ended up holding hands.

    UK newspapers took this as a visual representation of the so-called "special relationship" between the two countries. But according to the Sunday Times, the real reason this happened is because Trump has a phobia of stairs. Yup.

    People were shook.

    Meanwhile, British press are reporting that Donald Trump is afraid of stairs.

    Is Donald Trump actually a Dalek?

    A phobia of stairs can be referred to as climacophobia or bathmophobia. Is there evidence to back up the claim from Downing Street? As president, Trump can expect to climb up to and down from Air Force One a lot.

    Trump Tower has a famous lift – but then it does have 58 floors.

    Here is Trump holding the hand of his wife, Melania, on the day he was inaugurated as president.

    And holding hands here too, the day before.

    He does appear to be tackling flights of stairs alone at times, albeit very small ones.

    He didn't reach out to hold vice-president Mike Pence's hand here.

    Or here, this time with Barack Obama.

    Here he is using stairs wholly unaided.

    And here even going for a handshake mid-stair.

    And finally, here's Trump at the end of a really long flight of stairs, not holding anyone's hand at all.

    So the jury is out on whether Trump is scared of climbing stairs, or just fond of holding hands.