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Obama Surprising Biden With The Medal Of Freedom Has Been Turned Into An Extremely Pure Meme

Biden: "Am I an Avenger now?" | Obama: "Sure, Joe."

Earlier this week, Barack Obama surprised Joe Biden by awarding him the Presidential Medal of Freedom.

Olivier Douliery-Pool / Getty Images

People have turned one of the final acts of the internet's most famous bromances into an extremely pure meme.


"tell me how it's gonna be, barack" "we're gonna get a little place. we'll have a cow, some chickens" "i get to ten…


Biden: wow this is like a black belt huh Obama: no it's the presidential medal of free- ya know what, yeah joe, it…


"but i thought the old lady dropped it into the ocean in the end" "well baby, i went down and got it for you" "aw…


Biden: am i an avenger now? Obama: sure Joe Biden:


The Presidential Medal of Freedom isn't bad either.


Biden: does this mean I'm Hokage now? Obama: if it makes you happy then sure Joe


that one friend who just has to give you a way better gift than you gave them.


Biden: not Slytherin ... not Slytherin Obama: Joe, this isn't-- Biden: ... not Slytherin ... Obama: yo…


Obama: Joe, I got you something. Biden: Is it an ice cream cone? Obama: It's the Presidental Medal of Freedom...…


Joe Biden fights back tears as President Obama surprises him with the Medal of Freedom


A previous version of this post included a tweet which has since then been deleted.


Thank you to the commenters who pointed out the first tweet references the ending of Of Mice and Men. We prefer our interpretation of Obama and Biden living happily ever after on a farm.

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