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    This Muslim Teen Flawlessly Played Basketball And People Are Obsessed

    "Black hijabi excellence."

    Meet 18-year-old high school senior Jamad Fiin, from Boston, Massachusetts.

    She went viral after a video of her playing basketball during a lunch break was posted on Twitter.

    Happy birthday to buzzo @Jamaaad best female hooper 💉💕

    Fiin told BuzzFeed News that they were playing 5-a-side basketball and her team include two other girls.

    People were amazed by how she went straight to the hoop.

    @saidjama5 @Jamaaad every guy on that court was like

    And she's been dubbed "iconic".

    Fiin currently plays at the Amateur Athletic Union level and is hoping to play in college.

    Talking about the campaign to get the International Basketball Federation (FIBA) to allow players to wear hijabs she said: "I feel like wearing a scarf harms no one so it should be permitted." Though she enjoys playing basketball she said: "I don't want to go professional but if the opportunity is there that'll be amazing."

    Fiin added that her role model is basketball player Wayne Selden because he's from her city.

    A repost of the viral Twitter video on Facebook has gotten over 11 million views.

    Facebook: video.php

    Fiin said she never expected the video to go viral, and aside from people calling her famous, nothing has changed.

    Out off all the reactions, Fiin said this one was her favourite.

    Black 👏🏾 hijabi👏🏾 excellence👏🏾.