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    People Are Moved By This Boyfriend Who Bought His Girlfriend An Aloe Leaf

    "Twitter is strange, I went from wondering wth that was on a seat to learning how to plant Aloe Vera at home."

    Meet Tyler Brooks, a 21-year-old from Dallas, Texas.

    Here he is with his girlfriend Kai Hawkins. They've been together for four years.

    Earlier this month Brooks bought Hawkins a gift, but instead of flowers he chose an entire aloe vera leaf. After he tweeted a pic of the leaf on a seat in a car, it went viral.

    What’s better than getting your girl some flowers.....

    Brooks said he purchased the aloe because his girlfriend is really big on skin and hair care, and she’s always wanted to grow her own aloe plant.

    "She was so excited that she dropped a tear," he told BuzzFeed News.

    Brooks said they were both happy that the tweet went viral, and took the opportunity to try to promote his DJing work.

    But Brooks also said that he loves how his tweet has turned into an informative thread on how to grow aloe vera.

    People thought that Brooks's gift was ahead of its time.

    And like Hawkins, would tear up if they got an aloe leaf.