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    16 Of The Best Mirrors You Can Get On Amazon

    The best of the best mirrors for glancing at your reflection and inflating your ego!

    1. A double-sided, magnified round mirror so you can really get the curve correct on your winged eyeliner.

    2. A geometric wall mirror that'll make your apartment a modern paradise.

    3. An oval wall mirror because you'd really love to check your look before you go out and about for the night.

    4. A fancy wall mirror with a silver finish to go with your totally glam decor, because you're all about matching.

    5. A vanity mirror that'll be your ol' reliable when it comes to your nighttime tooth brushing routine.

    6. An amazing two-sided mirror with extra magnification because you love to stress out about your skincare routine while picking at a juicy pimple you know you aren't supposed to touch.

    7. A swivel mirror that'll fit on your vanity while you and your friends are applying that really cool charcoal mask during girl's night.

    8. A full-length mirror with jewelry storage so you can meticulously plan out your date night outfit, accessories and all.

    9. A vintage wall mirror with intricate details your grandmother would probably appreciate.

    10. A sloped mirror to resemble any and all traditional picture frames your mother has hanging around the house.

    11. A framed octagon wall mirror because you've always loved statement pieces in your space, and this mirror is no different.

    12. An LED vanity mirror to really blend out your contour so your foundation, blush, and bronzer turn out to be hella smooth.

    13. A huge floor mirror so you can take the best selfies of all time. Just make sure your space is clean before you do.

    14. A full-length swivel mirror if you really aren't handy and don't want to hang anything on your walls.

    15. A large, sleek standing mirror to bring more light and openness into your small apartment.

    16. And a fogless shower mirror because you've realized if you shave in the shower you can gain about 10 more minutes of sleep, and that sounds too good to waste.

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