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    22 Ways To Make Managing Your Curly Hair So Much Easier

    It's time to take charge.

    We asked the BuzzFeed Community to tell us what products and tips they use to tame their curly hair. Here are their amazing suggestions:

    1. Balance moisture levels in your hair to get the perfect frizz-free curl with damn near the whole line of DevaCurl.

    2. Keep your curls bouncy as hell with Redken's All Soft line!

    3. Elongate and detangle your curls with Cantu's conditioning creamy hair lotion.

    4. Penetrate 4C hair (and smell like heaven) with Creme of Nature's mango shea butter leave-in conditioner.

    5. Detangle your luscious locks using a A wet brush. It isn't wise to brush your curls dry everyone—it'd be a big mess!

    6. Use Miss Jessie's jelly soft curls so you can constantly run your fingers through your hair without your curls feeling crunchy af.

    7. Keep your hair texture consistent with OUIDAD and jojoba oil for flawless and supple curls.

    8. Have thick and curly hair? Get SheaMoisture coconut and hibiscus curl-enhancing smoothie.

    9. If you're in need of a hot oil treatment, Malaya Organics repair and style hair oil brings back luster and shine to neglected curls!

    10. Dry your freshly washed hair with a cotton T-Shirt to keep the frizz away!

    11. Provide hold and control for curls that definitely have a mind of their own with TIGI curls rock amplifier.

    12. Get a hold of Sebastian's potion 9. It's a versatile styling treatment that detangles and conditions your hair, all while preventing split ends. Sounds like a miracle.

    13. Cultivate a close, personal relationship and great communication with your hair. It's yours, and you should know it better than anyone!

    14. Restore moisture without leaving your hair super sticky or stiff using Garnier Fructis's leave-in, curly conditioning cream.

    15. Don't make your edges crunchy! Eden Body Works edge glaze will help you avoid this.

    16. Heal, smooth, and restore luster to dry hair with the help of Organix Moroccan oil.

    17. Trim your hair. Trims are important. Don't worry: it WILL grow back!

    18. Block humidity and prevent the dreaded frizz of death using Living Proof's frizz cream.

    19. If you're going for a straight style, John Frieda's straight fixation styling cream might be for you.

    20. Use hand lotion. Wait, Hand lotion? WHAT?!

    21. For a super lightweight product that'll define your curls while leaving them soft to the touch, check out Moroccan Oil's curl control mousse.

    22. Finally, coconut oil can cure all ills and work miracles. Why not try it on your hair?

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