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    • ianthomasy

      Are you serious? The mountain of hate and venom spewed at Bush was enormous and incessant. Remember the ‘Kill Bush’ t-shirts? It was sickening! Your prez campaigned while his Ambassador and three others were being tortured and killed in Libya after pleas for beefed up security were ignored by Hilary. He bugs the whole planet and getsapass. Are you kidding me? He destabilizes the middle east and hypocritically sends troops in to Afghanistan. He executes people by silent drones without trial. This guy isatyrant AND he’s bent on cratering the American economy as well. All the things he criticized Bush for he does himself only he takes it to whole new levels for political gain and entrenching his ideology. Using the IRS to intimidate conservatives prior to an election? Digraceful and CRIMINAL. Bush would never do that. History will NOT remember Obama favorable. Bush’s approval ratings are already ticking up!

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