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    14 Movie Stereotypes All Scottish People Are Tired Of Seeing

    America may love Scotland, but not as much as they love clichés about Scotland.

    1. All women in Scotland have red hair: No other hair colours exist.

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    2. Men only ever wear kilts, regardless of climate, situation, or historical accuracy.

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    Sony Pictures Television / Via

    3. Men also spend 80% of their life too drunk to walk.

    Paramount Television / Via

    4. And Scottish women aren't far behind them.

    5. There's nothing funnier than a man playing the bagpipes.

    New Line Cinema / Via

    6. Nessie is not just real, but unavoidable.

    Revolution Studios / Via

    7. You can't leave the house without ending up at the Highland Games.

    Paramount Pictures / Via
    Pixar films / Via

    8. And you can't walk anywhere without sheep getting in the way.

    Sonty Pictures Television / Via

    9. Eating haggis is pretty much the most disgusting thing you can do.
    Touchstone Pictures / Via

    10. You can tell a scene is set in Scotland because there's always a beautiful mountain nearby.

    Hasbro Studios / Via

    11. Which is handy, as the main pastime is looking at the beautiful scenery in a meaningful way.

    Universal Television / Via

    12. Scots are obsessed with fighting.

    ABC / Via

    13. Especially with other Scots.

    20th century Fox. / Via
    BVS Entertainment / Via

    14. And any provocation – no matter how minor – will makes Scots put on blue face paint and start screaming about freedom.
    Paramount / Via

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