Glenn Berman
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    • Glenn Berman

      As a parent and grandparent, who has been there and done that, I say, take your children anywhere and everywhere you go, whether its on vacation, eating in a nice restaurant, sightseeing at a museum… The only way a child will learn and grow as individuals is when they experience it with their parent’s supervision. Of course there are times husband & wife need time to themselves, that’s what grandparents, uncles and Aunts are for and yes sometimes a trusted babysitter,you do need to plan ahead. As far as what others have to say about your kid crying or throwing a tantrum, I say so what, most people who have kids will understand and those that don’t who cares,they don’t care about you. I was told by relatives not to take my child to restaurants and on vacations, I’m so glad I didn’t listen to them. The time goes fast, and before you know it your child will be all grown up and off to college or move out, get married, treasure each moment. One last thing “be good to your children, they will choose the nursing home you go to”.

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