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19 Things People Swear They'll Never Do Until They Have Kids

It's all so easy before you have one.

1. Use a leash on my kids.

2. Complain about being tired.

3. Pack on a few extra "parent pounds."

4. Be late.

5. Bring my kids with me to social events.

6. Let my kids watch TV.

7. Allow my kids to use an iPad or iPhone.

8. Fly with a baby or toddler.

9. Post photos of my kids on Facebook.

10. Stop going out as much.

11. Let my home get a little messy.

12. Not know what's happening in pop culture.

13. Use "mean" discipline.

14. Let my kids flip out in public.

15. Let my kids eat unhealthy food.

16. Eat out with my kids.

17. Let being a parent affect my job.

18. Be so concerned with schedule.

19. Leave the house in sweatpants.

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